Monday, May 14, 2012

The Week That Changed My LIfe

A little over thirteen weeks ago, I found my life forever changed....

      I was going about my business on a Friday morning at work. At 10:00am I decided that it was time for a Diet Coke break. While on break I checked my phone, I had a message from my mom saying that doctors thought that she had a diseased gallbladder and she was going in for an ultrasound. She said, "I have been thinking of you all morning and how sick you must have been when your gallbladder was bad and we had no idea."

 I had another message from my mom, "It turns out I do have a bad gallbladder and they are going to take it out tonight or tomorrow morning.  An hour later I called my parents. They were heading to the hospital, if an operating room opened up the doctors wanted to get the gallbladder out that night.  I didn't think much of it, it all seemed pretty standard and normal since myself and other family members had been through gall bladder surgery ourselves. I decided to head home to spend the evening with my husband.

      They were finally taking her in to surgery at 9:00pm. I felt uneasy, but still didn't think that I needed to be at the hospital for what is normally a same-day procedure. I stayed at home.

A phone call from Dad, they couldn't do the surgery as planned and had to open her up in order to remove her diseased gall bladder. At this moment I knew something was wrong. As soon as I got off the phone with Dad I headed for the hospital.

 The doctors come out of surgery. "We don't know for sure at this point, we have to run the biopsies, but you should prepare yourselves, we think it might be cancer." Oh no not the "C" word. We hate the "C" word. After losing our two cousins and an uncle to cancer I felt like our family had seen enough of the "C" word to last quite awhile.

     Fast forward to Tuesday, February 14 (that's right Valentine's Day)
 Mom was officially diagnosed with cancer.My sister called me at work to tell me, I broke down at my desk and then headed for the hospital. The rest of that day is a blur. My sister curled up in the big chair in the corner of the hospital room, my grandma leaving the room to cry, and we ate the "good chocolates" while waiting for Dad to get to the hospital after his day at work. 

 The doctors came in and said that the tumor was aggressive. 

 The doctors came in again to say that the tumor was inoperable. The oncologist came to see my mom (and come to find out oncologists don't come to hospitals to see new patients). While he talked to us you could have heard a pin drop, that is how quiet we all were. They didn't know where the cancer originated, the biopsies had to be sent to a state-of-the-art lab for them to find out more. He told us that while the cancer would eventually take over my mom's body he thought that chemo could give her some time. The only other thing I remember from this day is sitting in a waiting area crying with my Grandma. Neither one of us knew what we were going to do without my mom.

One week after surgery we were finally able to take her home. I was so happy for her to be able to come home, but I was so scared; anticipating what was ahead for all of us...

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