Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letters of Love Part 2

A few days ago I posted excerpts of things written to my mother during her illness. Today I would like to share comments that were posted on the guest books at, the Wing Mortuary website, and in cards sent to our family. The legacy of goodness and kindness that my mother has left continues to astound me. I don't think any of us, including my mom realized the impact that she had in the community. My family was humbled by the outpouring of love and support that was received by the many people who came to the viewing and funeral services for my mother. Thanks again for everything.

I will miss you Madge! God bless you on your new journey, God be with your family. Just remembering all the fun things we did as kids. You were our tour guide of Lehi (well at least one block of it) I remember you telling tales of the haunted house across the road. Going to story time at the Lehi Library, going to the store by your house and you telling us the old woman working there was a witch. Going to Fariyland in AF, Saratoga, Tomasina, Pollyanna, the boat races (sticks) down Grandpa Jensen's ditch. So many other things. Most of the things I remember from my childhood involve you. OMGosh how did I almost forget our Ketchup Sandwich Supper? Such a vivid imagination, such a storyteller, such a gentle heart, such a good friend. I truly will miss you! Until we meet again, Love you Cousin Madge!
- Tom Myrup -

Madge was a very kind and sweet person. She was always willing to help out when I needed anything, even if it was someone else's job. What a beautiful woman!
- Donna Fox -

I always loved Madge's smile! She could brighten the room when she walked in. Wish we could be there at this time. We will miss her greatly!
- Mich Shiverdecker -

I know so few people who radiated kindness as much as this wonderful woman did. She will always live on as someone who was very kind, caring, and intelligent. We are all lucky that the same kindness and intellect she carried so well will live on through her family. God be with you til' we meet again.
- Eric Hutchison -

 Madge was one of the greatest ladies I have ever met. She was my strength alot of times over the past few years. My heart is broken. I love you Madgers
-  Joy Hunsaker -

I want you to know how much I have always thought of Madge. She has always been a great example to me and has such a sweet spirit about her. She always had a smile on her face and would always make a point to stop & speak to me usually at Harts or Kohlers.
- Jane Pugh -

Madge was a dear friend in high school and made a big difference to the person I have become. I have fond memories of pep club bus rides and long talks. I remember her infectious smile and happy laugh. It was always fun to run into her around town.
- Claudia Rose -

Madge always had a bright smile and never seemed to let the issues of the moment keep her from being a true daughter of God. I don't ever remember her saying anything disparaging of another person.
= Nathan Baker -

 I remember the great conversations we had in high school. Madge helped make my senior year bearable. She was my best friend. We had such great times! My heart goes out to you. She is a wonderful person and I am a better person for having known her.
- Rebecca Beck -

Madge was one elite lady. Fun, happy, sweet, with a contagious smile, and a winning personality. She was one wonderful wife, mother, daughter, sister, neighbor, and friend. She was one who loved the gospel and lived it.
Madge was as unique as a $2 bill: Rare, one-of-a-kind, !st edition, classic, original, traditional, genuine, authentic, individual, collectible, treasure, a real keeper.
She would always take a minute to care, share, and help others. Madge was a great example. An inspiration to all. She was a very positive influence in all our lives. We are all so very blessed for having known her. She is too good to ever be forgotten.
- Terry, Claudia Ewell, and family - 

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