Monday, May 7, 2012

Letters of Love

My family has been very humbled by the outpouring of love members of the church and community have shown for my mother over the past twelve weeks. I wanted to share some of the wonderful things that people wrote in cards they sent to her during her illness.

Thanks so much for just being you.
 - The Bullocks

You are the best. 
- primary child

Dear Sister Neel,
 Thank you for being our church teacher. I love you. I hope you get well! I love the lessons you teach us, they are really fun. You are a great church teacher and I hope you get well for the second time. Love you! 

Sister Neel,
 you are a great teacher. I hope you get well soon! I love the way you always make the lessons fun!
 - Hannah Orgill

I wanted you to know how much I have appreciated and treasured your friendship. I can honestly say you are the one person I have felt closest too in this area. I have enjoyed all our talks on a variety of subjects not just spiritual, but music, life, and joy. I have loved serving with you and beside you in our various callings. You have taught me much and I hope I never forget those lessons.
     I am so glad you were my visiting teacher for a time. I always looked forward to your visits. I can't always say that but with you I can...
     I love you dearest Madge. I'm not sure how well I could express it in person but you needed to know and I need to tell you to that you have made a difference in my life. Sometimes we wonder and I don't want you to question the influence you had on me. Your devotion to church, family, and life did not go by me. I noticed and I learned. 
- Tanya Robinson

I love you my dear friend. You bless my life, you are so special to me...My family loves your family and you are loved by so many whose prayers are with you and your family.
 - Patti Peterson

Sister Neel,
Thank you for all the beautiful music you played during the sacrament hymns.
the Gneitings

Dear 007,
You are the best agent and friend I could ask for!
Love ya,
Chief Todd

I just want to say thank you for being a good friend to me, and for all your friendship you have shown to Justin, Haley, and Lily. They think the world of you and Danny.
 - Brent and Annette Sanderson

I love you and am thinking about you every day! Thank you for always being the perfect example to me.
      - Love, Ali

We love you. 
- a family you've served

You are everything to me and I love you.
- Dan (from Valentine's Day card 2012)

I hope you know we love you.
         - Marshall, Nolan, and Eli Morris

We are all so grateful for the time we were able to work with you. You are such an amazing person and we love you.
 - Kirsten Draper, Cami Stephenson, and Colleen Riemchishll

My heart is full of so much admirations for who you are and the kind of influence you've had in my life. I thank my Heavenly Father very often for you and for the blessing of knowing you. You are my hero. One of the kindest, most humble, and gracious women I have ever known. How lucky am I that are paths have crossed.  Your optimism forever shines in my heart and mind...You were and are an angel in every sense of the word.
 Oh, how I cherish our visiting teaching days! Those were my favorite days of the whole month! The laughs we shared with the Harris' are a memory I will cherish forever.
Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a daughter of god and how a daughter of God should carry herself. You've been a perfect example to me of charity, kindness, selfless service, forgiveness, optimism, undconditional love, squeezing the most out of life, keeping a smile on your face even when life is hard, not sweating the small things, laughing instead of crying, but most importantly, loving the Savior with all of your heart and letting his goodness and light shine through you. I always, always felt his spirit and warmth when I was around you. You are one Madge who has his image in your countenance. His light in your eyes and in your heart. You truly have been an earthly angel to so many that our Heavenly Father loves so dearly.
 - Kim Hendricks

I love how you and your husband would sit up front on the stand and sit next to each other. It's sweet. You're a wonderful person and we love you very much.
 - Alexa Todd

Your George W. stories were my favorite! Me and Tyson still laugh about him. Your the best music teacher. You made primary so fun. I love you.
 - Hailee Rupp

Sister Neel,
 I for real think you are super duper fantastic. You are one of those people that leave a lasting impression on people. I loved you in singing time, you always made me feel so good about myself...thanks for everything! I love you lots!!!
 - Anna Nott

Sister Neel,
 I just want you to know what a beautiful lady I think you are. Beautiful inside and out. Your faith and prayers during my illness meant so much to me. Because of you I experienced a miracle!! Thank you for your strong testimony and example of the Savior. I love having you in my home and hearing your sweet laugh and seeing your wonderful smile. L love you Madge and I am so blessed that you are my friend and you mean so much to my family and girls...Love you.
- Renae Bliss

Thank you for your happy smile! Seeing you happy always made me happy! Thanks for being such a great example to me. I love you.
 - Hailee Hendricks

Sister Neel,
 I love you so much! When you taught me in primary I always looked forward to Sunday! I always enjoyed your lessons when you taught music in primary! You were always so are so kind to everyone around you. I loved when you would smile at me! It always made my day...Thanks for being such a great example to me! 
- McKenzie Hendricks

Dear Madge,
 we love you dearly! You truly are simply amazing. Thank you for all you do!
          The Rupps

I think you're a great teacher. I love learning about Nephi, and I know all the rest of the classmates do too. I love you.
 - Katelyn

You are a most blessed daughter of God. Thank you for your wonderful example and service...I love you and hope someday I can follow in your footsteps.
 - Sister Erin Kolowich

I also want to thank you for the kindness and love you have shown me and my girls over the years. I remember how Jenni expressed her love for you many times when you were the primary chorister. She adored you!
- Debbie Maughan

We've been so blessed for the Lord to send us one of his most valiant souls. What a joy you have been in our lives. We love you. 
- Mom & Dad

You are an elect lady with the most diligent and faithful heart of any woman that I have ever met...I remember a time coming over to issue you a call, I believe that it was as a Relief Society teacher. I know how consuming this calling is and the amount of effort that you would put into it. At the time, a calling like this could put some pressure on your family. I vividly remember the look of willingness on your face and could feel your desire to serve. Your acceptance of this calling when there were so many reasons to say no and turn it down, showed how true and faithful your testimony is. This experience has stayed with me and has helped me to commit to accept what the Lord has called us to do. I have tried to use this as my model and serve with the same faithfulness that you do.
     You have set a great example for our family. I don't think I ever have seen you without a smile, without a willingness to help. Thank you for sharing your talents. You may not consider it a big thing, but playing the organ with ward choristers that had no skill or talent at it was an act of charity. Our kids think of you as the best primary teacher ever. I do not know anyone that can love more than you.
     I hope you know how much we love you and how much better our lives are because we know you. I see you in my mind leading the primary children and think of all of the notes and doctrine that you taught them and rejoice in that. My favorite primary song is My Heavenly Father Loves Me. I know you can sing it by heart too. It talks of roses, and violets and wind, but just like the song of a bird, you are a gift to the world..Just by knowing you, I know Heavenly Father loves me. We love you.
 - Brian Hendricks

You have touched my life so many ways. I have loved working with you in music in the 15th Ward, they are great memories. I loved working with your girls in YW. They always made me smile. You are a beautiful lady and loved by many.
- Debbie Harris

I want you to know that I have treasured our friendship through the years. I loved it when you were the Primary Chorister and I was the pianist, whispering back and forth during sharing time. I loved how wonderful you were with the children, how they begged you to tell stories from your life, and you kept them spellbound with stories about your family or the goat!
I especially loved all the musical numbers we did together. You are one of the finest musicians I know. I treasure the memory of the last musical number we did - only a few months ago! You have a beautiful voice. I know you'll have a lost of musicians to choose from on the other side, but I pray that we can perform together again someday.
- Brenda Holgreen

We have all of these cards in a basket. As you can see it is overflowing!


  1. Marcie, you are a sweetheart, and forever a wonderful daughter! May you have much peace, love, and joy in your journey ahead. Big hugs sent to you!
    - Jill Sneddon Hanson

  2. Such a tender thing. Loved reading how mama Madge had such an impact on so many. Through the way she lived her life, she will continue to do so. ♥
    - Alison Omer Black