Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taking Time To Smell The Roses

 I love finding joy and excitement in the little things. Right now little things mean a lot. It doesn't take much to brighten my day and right now...I am loving flowers!!!

Last Thursday I was at my parents' house and I could not help but notice that everything from the roses to the pansies looked AMAZING!!!

There was one rose in particular that stood out. It looked like everything that I have ever imagined the enchanted rose in Disney's Beauty and the Beast to be. The biggest, most beautiful rose I have ever seen in real life...


It was as big as my hand and it's reddish pink petals glistened in the afternoon sunlight. As I moved closer to take this picture with my phone the sweet smell was intoxicating. Simply put, it was MAGICAL!!! I had to have it. I picked it and shared it with my mom. I knew she would love it too. 


Today I took my camera with me to decorate graves at the Lehi City Cemetery and decided after that I would go back to Mom and Dad's to take some more pictures. Here are a couple of the shots that I ended up with. The two on the top are from the yard and the two on the bottom from the cemetery.



  1. Nice post! I spent my weekend in an awesome garden...

  2. Marcie,
    You are such a beautiful blogger, you have a God given talent for writing. I find myself crying even reading about a rose. I've thought so much about your mom since she passed (and before too) and I find myself regretting not being closer to her. From my point of view we were pretty close growing up. I always idealized Madge. Then we got older and Madge got smarter, and I didn't. Another reason to look up to her. Then you become teenagers and life changes and cousins aren't quite as important anymore. Then you get older still and you follow your own path in life. I realized the other day that I spend more time on line talking to total strangers in an attempt to find the "one" (yes I still look now and then) than I did talking to your mom. I really wish I would have taken more time to live life the way my mom did. Every time we "went up north" she had a routine, we'd stop at Aunt Leda's, then onto Aunt Virlie's then finally to Aunt Mickie's - the anticipation of finally getting to see Madge and Wayne used to drive me crazy which caused me to say "can we go NOW mom?" Aunt Leda and Aunt Virlie would always say "what are you in such a hurry for?" Mom would say "he can't wait to see Madge and Wayne." I'm sure it drove her crazy too, I did it a lot, she visited a lot!! For a while I kept up her routine stopping to see the Aunts and Uncles on the way back from Centerfield and Richfield. Visiting was a big part of our lives back then. Then one day I just stopped. Not sure why. Probably because I spent to much time visiting Margie. I always looked forward to seeing your mom at the family reunion always vowed I would see her more often, then one day those options were gone. I hope she knew how much she meant to me and how much I still looked up to her. So many people have commented about that picture of her and I where I'm looking up at her (I have it on my phone too) one friend said, "you look like you are just over the moon to see her!" She hit the nail on the head!

    Your blog is like the sequel to her journals. You pay homage to her so well, she made that rose beautiful for you to enjoy. Her heart and soul has gone into raising it over the years and this year it shines for her, for you. Just like her heart and soul went into raising her three kids. You are the roses of her life's garden.

    So my advice take time to smell the roses, to be in the moment to savor every second because as we have learned over the past 10 years or so - time is precious and so are the people who mean so much to us. And sometimes they are taken in what seems to be a the twinkle of an eye. Keep writing and inspiring and touching the rest of us. You have a way with words.

    Love ya Marcie,

    1. Wow are making me cry. So sweet. Thank you so much.