Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cancer...It's What We Do Here, Day 3

 After two other days of getting no where with the Biliary Drainage procedure Mom needed, we found ourselves at the Huntsman Cancer Institute once again on the morning of March 13th.

I went up early with my parents for what we hoped would finally be a successful day at Huntsman.
When we got there Dad pulled up to the lobby entrance and I ran inside to get a wheelchair. We got Mom loaded in the chair and we headed inside.

Me, being the brilliant person that I am, thought that we could get the wheelchair through the revolving door. After a few steps we got stuck! I had to knock and push with all my might to get to the other side. At the time I was thinking, "Oh, my poor mother, she is so sick and her I am pushing and knocking her around. It must be miserable for her." Now, it makes me laugh. I wish I had the security tape of us stuck in the revolving door. I bet it was hilarious.

We did make it to the 3rd floor in one piece. As soon as the nurse got there she came out to get us.  We took Mom back and got her changed into a hospital gown and got her settled into a bed. The nurses put in an IV and took some blood to send to the lab. As soon as the results were back they would start pumping FFP (Frozen Fresh Plasma)into Mom's body in order to get her blood clotting agents to a safe level.

Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Wayne came a little while later. When they arrived Uncle Wayne gave Mom a blessing. Dad and Grandpa came back out to the waiting area in tears telling us how beautiful the blessing was. When I asked Mom what he said she responded, "He told me everything that I have been praying for."

The results were back and they started the FFP (Frozen Fresh Plasma). Then after each bag they would draw more blood and send it to the lab to see if the blood clotting agents were at a safe level. Finally after 4 or 5 bags of FFP she was ready! I was in the waiting area when my family came out to tell me that it was time. I ran back to say good luck but Mom was already walking through the doors to the procedure room surrounded by nurses. I went back to the waiting area full of hope and apprehension.

While we waited I half expected Dr. Fafinski to come out and tell us that she had died during the procedure. I kept praying, "Please Heavenly Father, not yet. Don't take her yet." When I saw Dr. Fafinski come out the door into the waiting area I thought I was going to throw up. He told that they were able to get the drain in and that we would be able to take Mom home after she had a little recovery time and we got the instructions on how to take care of the drain from the nurse.

Dr. Fafinski was asking Dad some questions about Mom's case. He told us that he was going to collaborate with another doctor there to see if there was anything else that we could do to increase Mom's liver function.  He told us that there were medications to help and that they could also possibly put stints in her bile ducts so that her bile could drain internally.

Dad asked, "And you would do those things, even though she has cancer?" We were of course thrilled to hear that he cared enough to help Mom.

Dr. Fafinski responded with another question, "What is the name on the building?"

Dad answered, "Huntsman Cancer..."

As soon as Dad said cancer Dr. Fafinski interrupted, "That's right,'s what we do here."

In that moment there was hope.

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