Sunday, June 17, 2012

Celebrating The Men In My Life

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate and recognize the amazing men in my life. 

My Dad

Here we are at a family reunion in 1980. I love that we have almost the same hair in this picture. It makes me laugh a little. I love my dad. Dad taught us to work hard, play harder, and to give everything that we did our best effort. 

My Grandpa Black

Grandpa and Mom in the 1950s. I have to tell you that I am absolutely in love with this photo. 
My grandpa taught me that family is important. He also taught me that a person's life circumstances do not have to define who they are. You can choose who you want to be. Other words of wisdom from Grandpa:
Real cowboys don't wear Wranglers, they wear Levi's.
Real cowboys don't wear boots, they wear tennis shoes.
Real cowboys don't wear cowboy hats.

My Grandpa Neel

Grandpa with his mother and Aunt Echo (age 1) 
As my memory of my grandpa fades a few things still stand out in my mind. Grandpa could get along and talk to anyone. Saint or sinner he didn't care. He loved vegetable gardens. Give him a fresh tomato and some radishes and he was dining like a king. He took great pride in eating something that he had grown.  

My Husband James (The Father of My Future Children)

I love this guy to pieces. He teaches me something new everyday. For example, yesterday he taught me, "If it is green it doesn't go down the machine(meaning the garbage disposal)." I can't wait to see him our kids (and, no I am not making any kind of an announcement here).

Randy (the father-in-law) Wyatt

Here is the father-in-law with his precious boys, The cute one in blue shirt grew up to be my husband. Randy has of course taught my husband many things. He is the most nurturing man that I know and I am glad my husband was raised by such a great a father.


Granddad is my husband's grandpa. Here he is reading James (my husband) a book. The book is You're Elected Charlie Brown. I can't help but wonder if this isn't where my husband's interest politics began. Granddad married us in the Salt Lake Temple back in 2009. He gave us lots of advice on that day. I just hope that as the years pass by we remember it all.


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