Monday, July 2, 2012

Good Things: The Lower Lights

I have a confession to make and I don't care who knows it...
after listening to The Lower Lights I love a good hymn revival!!!

I was introduced to The Lower Lights while watching an episode of BYUtv's The Song That Changed My Life. I was initially drawn to it because the group included members of the Neon Trees. I was excited to find out that two of my local favorites, Ryan Shupe and Cherie Call, also joined the revival.

The Lower Lights is a group of local musicians who came together in 2009. Their goal was to revitalize these old songs and reconnect with them. After five days they had recorded 30 hymns. I heard that they performed at the Utah Arts Festival this year and was hoping to see and hear more from them. 

I don't have to hope anymore. Their new album comes out tomorrow. Here is a preview (Warning: by clicking the play button you will be subjecting yourself to the desire to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and sing along.):

I know you will love it!!!!!!

You can learn more about The Lower Lights and where to find their music

(They also have an awesome Christmas album for anyone who loves Christmas music as much as I do.)

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