Sunday, July 1, 2012

I Will Always Be A July Girl.

Me circa 1980

My favorite month is finally here!!! 

I love July and not just because it is the month of my birth (although that does help a little).

I love...
The way the way the warm sun feels on my skin. 
Early mornings when the world comes to life with noises of birds chirping and sprinklers.
July 4th celebrations (the parades, concerts, & most of all fireworks).
The smell of sparklers.
Playing in water.
Fresh Corn on the Cob and garden tomatoes.
Family Reunions in small Utah towns.
Finding ladybugs and potato bugs in the flower beds.
Birthday celebrations.
Pioneer day. A day to remember those who came before
(more fireworks).
and last but not least,
Outdoor concerts 
(whether they are in a large amphitheater or on a closed off street, I love the relaxed vibe. Good music, something to quench your thirst, and good company. That is all you need).

No matter what, I will always be a July girl!!!

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