Wednesday, September 12, 2012

James' Birthday Celebration

Last week we celebrated James' birthday. We started our grand celebration with the presentation of his gift (a Dallas Cowboys football helmet signed by one of his favorite players) and dinner at Market Street Grill in South Jordan. If you are ever at the Market Street Grill you must try their clam chowder. It is amazing! 

On Friday we celebrated with a dinner party at the Wyatt's. My in-laws Randy & Dina are amazing dinner party hosts. I am lucky to have them to help me with these birthday celebrations. Our menu consisted of steak, grilled shrimp, corn on the cob, and potato salad. Randy & Dina do such a great job with the food everything tasted so good. While Randy helped me serve the cake Dayna asked him if he had been a chef. His response, "No, but I get around." I think that Randy & Dina could give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

For dessert we had homemade ice cream and this yummy football themed cake from Dippidee in American Fork. It was a key lime flavored cake with raspberry creme filling. It was so delicious! Dippidee has the funnest flavors. I must go back there soon for a cupcake. They are to die for!!! 

In August I would ask James what he wanted for his birthday. His first answer was, 
"A crown. A crown that would rival the Queen's." 

I asked him again a week later. He answered, "A sombrero."
He doesn't remember telling me this and says that he must have been half asleep. 
But I will never forget it. It still makes me laugh.

Then on the week before his birthday he wanted a John Deere tractor and for a few days he specifically wanted a John Deere cotton picker. He knew the model number and everything. 

Taking these requests into account his mother made him the crown that he is adorned with in the picture below. They also bought him a bottle of hot sauce with a sombrero on the label. Last but not least, they gave him a remote control John Deere tractor. 

Maybe next year he will be a little more careful with his birthday requests.

I love you, James!!!