Thursday, November 1, 2012

30 Days Of Thankful: Day 1

November is not my favorite month of the year.
 To be honest, it always makes me a little sad when November comes.
It has been over the past nine years that two of my cousins and my uncle have passed away after their own courageous battles with cancer.

So this year I am going to try something positive. 
I need to count my blessings because I can't let myself dwell on cancer and the people that it has taken.
Especially this year where feelings of loss and grief are still fresh after losing my mom six months ago.
 In an effort to do this I am bringing the positive with a gratitude journal here on the blog for the month of November. 

30 Days of Thankful starts now!

Day 1

Today I am thankful that my younger brother, Jimmy is safe after hunkering down in his Brooklyn, NY apartment during the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. I am thankful that communications technology has not failed us and we have been able to communicate with each other over the past few days. We have been able to check on him and he has been able to update us on his situation. It just feels good to know that your loved ones are safe and have what they need. 

The Graphic above is from one of my favorite scrapping ladies, Cathy Zielske. She has a great printable gratitude journal available right now and some other freebies to go along with it. 
You can find it here:


  1. Marcie, I had the sweetest dream that I spoke to your mother last night. It felt so real, and I count it a great blessing.

    1. Tanya, I am so glad you got to have that experience. I had one in September where she told me that she was always close.