Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thankful: Day 6 & 7

I didn't post yesterday. After work I came home to watch the Election Day coverage with James. We watched the results come in state by state on CNN and stayed up to hear Romney's concession speech, President Obama's victory speech, and then watched the local coverage as Jim Matheson won the 4th district congressional race. It was exciting to watch this historic night unfold.

That being said, yesterday I was thought about how thankful I am for modern communication technology. From our very own homes we are able to get up to the minute information about what is going on in our world at any given time. That is so incredibly cool. 

Today I am thankful to be an American. 
 I know we as a nation have our problems right now, but I also know that America is at its best when everyday, average Americans come together to solve the problems of the day.

Looking at my social media feeds this morning I can't believe how negative a lot of people are about the results. According to my Facebook friends the world is ending today.

I don't share their same feelings of doom and gloom.. 

I don't believe that one man will determine America's future, even if it is the man that we elected as our leader. I believe that we can all drive the change that will shape the future of this country. 
Our quest for a better America may not take us to Washington D.C., but we can all make a difference in our homes and in our communities. I believe that America is only as strong as its citizens, and I know we are strong. So to those of you who find yourselves negative, hopeless, and depressed, chin up. 

Now roll up your sleeves, we all have some work to do.

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