Thursday, March 28, 2013


I have been thinking about this for months now. 

I have tried many times to write about it only  to type and then delete sentence after sentence.

I finally realized that I have been trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be. 
That part of the reason this message is so powerful is because it is so simple.

Pay it FORWARD! Some of you might remember the movie. In the movie, a boy comes up with this idea for his homework assignment. The idea starts with one person. That one person performs acts of service for three different people. Those three people "pay it FORWARD" by performing acts of service for three more people, and so on.

I came to the conclusion a few months ago that for me
 moving FORWARD means paying it FORWARD.

My family has been so blessed. So many people have rallied to support my family members during their battles with cancer. 

How can we ever give back as much as others have given?

The answer is simple: 

Our acts of service don't need to be grand gestures. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most to those you serve. 

I have been thinking back to my mom's birthday last year when we invited friends, family, and the neighborhood to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. Each person there was there only to sing, but for my mom and for us they were doing much more. I will never forget looking up the street to see dozens of people walking to our house. In that moment we knew that we were not alone. Our small tight knit community of family, friends, and neighbors was there to support us when we needed it the most. 

When it comes down to it when you "pay it FORWARD" no matter how big or small the act of service, you are reminding God's children that they are not alone. That God is mindful of their needs and that there is still a great amount of good in the world. 

For these reasons I will spend the rest of my life doing what I can to