Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday #TBT

This week's Throwback Thursday photo comes to you per my Aunt Cyndie's request.
She wanted me to post the "wild bunch" picture so here it is.

Looking at this picture from left to right, the third man on the front row is my great-grandfather, Asa Clifton Neel.
 Next to him (last on the front row) is his brother, Thomas Earl Neel. 

This photograph was taken somewhere between 1905 to 1910 in Summit County, Utah. 

Of course one of my favorite things about this photograph is that the young man in the top left corner has his pistol out. I imagine this gang riding horseback to Park City, Utah where they ride up Main Street and hitch their horses to a post found in front of one of the local bars. After a few drinks they get into a bar brawl with local miners and have to make a run for it before the local law enforcement officials show up. 

If you are thinking that I have seen too much TV or too many movies, you are right, I have._

Maybe they didn't get into that much trouble. If only the young men in this picture 
could talk. I am sure that they had great stories of their adventures together.

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