Monday, December 28, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Photo Organization Part 1

So today we are talking about the daunting task of organizing photos. Before we go any further let me tell you the current state of my photo organization...there is NONE! No organization whatsoever. 

In order to be the productive, creative, bashing the stash, scrapping rock star that I want to be I have got to get this under control!!!

It's bad people, real bad. I currently have almost 2,500 photos on my phone alone, I am afraid to count how many on my computer, I am guessing around 2,500, but there could be more, and boxes and albums of family photos from various places. 

While I am still on the look out for a great overall photo organization method, I have identified a place to start, the photos on my iPhone. Here is my plan to get the photos off of my phone, printed, and into my albums:

Step 1: Spend 15 minutes everyday editing the photos on my phone. You can use any photo editing app that you want. I really like the Snapseed and Photoshop apps. I have found that the editing software that Is already on your phone is great too and I find myself using it more than the other apps these days. 

This is how I use the editing software that is already on my phone (no app needed):

Select photo from camera roll:

Step 2: Tap the edit button in the top right corner. This is what your screen will look like after tapping the edit button:

Step 3: in the top right hand corner is a magic wand icon. This is auto-enhance. I don't always use this, but if it makes a picture look better I will. This is what it looks like after I tap the auto-enhance icon:

Step 4: You can see the highlighted box
with arrows around it. This is where you go to rotate your photo. Also from this section you can change the scale of your photo to a 3:2 so you get a perfect 4x6 or 3x4 print. To do this you tap the icon on the right side above the "Done." It looks like 3 squares lines up. From there this menu pops up:

Simply tap the 3x2 option and then move your photo around to get the 4x6
That you want. Here is mine after selecting the 3:2:

The 3:2 frame is adjustable and you are able to zoom in and out using your fingers.

You can also adjust the contrast, brightness, and sharpness I. This editing function. I will save that for next time. 

Once my photos are edited and sized I can then use the Persnickety Prints app to download and order my prints. They have a lot more printing options in their website, but the options are perfect for a Project Life style album. 

My goal is to have photos from the previous month edited and ready to print by the 1st of every month. On the 1st I will print what I can at home and then send the rest to Persnickety Prints to be printed.

As always, thanks for reading. 


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Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Organization Part 3

Today I wanted to talk about what I am doing to organize my current and abandoned  projects. I define abandoned projects as something that I physically started but never finished. 

First, I started by collecting all of my current and abandoned  projects and laying them out on my table. At this time, I am working on a title page for my 2016 Project Life album. I am getting my 2016 memory planner prepped and ready to use. I started a 6x8 album to document the construction of our new home that I haven't worked on since we moved a month ago. And I have some Christmas cards from last year that still need to be stamped and put together. 

Next I made sure everything had a container to go in. There are so many storage solutions out there, you can find what works best for you and your many projects. I have seen people using Ziploc bags, organizing cubes, baskets, cookie sheets, IRIS Containers, plastic file folders, and accordion files. The possibilities are endless! 

I use IRIS containers from Michael's to organize my current Project Life layouts and my 6x8 album project. I leave them out on the corner of my table.

I have handwritten labels on the front of each container so that I can easily see which container I am a grabbing. 

The inside of my containers look like this:

Everything I need for my 6x8 album is here in this container. I love that if I need to take this project somewhere to work on it there is plenty of room for me to add a corner rounder, scissors, adhesives, and journaling pens. The wood veneer pieces that you see are in a small divided clear case that I got at the dollar store. The case and my 6x8 album fit perfectly in this storage container. 

My planner will sit to the right side of my craft mat. I will be using it as a journal in 2016. I want it out where I can see it and have a visual reminder to write in it. All my planner goodies are in a basket in the closet that I shared in a previous post. When I am ready to work on my planner I will just bring the basket out of the closet to the table.

Right now my unfinished cards are in 1 gallon Ziploc bags. Everything I need to finish the cards are included in the bag. Card bases, stamps, ink, ribbon, and diecut words are all there. When I am ready I simply pull the bag and I have everything I need. 

Now to work on the organization of my photos. Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Organization Part 2

As Here are a few other things that I have done to organize my stash:

So in review I have this IKEA sleeping unit in my closet with the items that I am currently using in the top two cubes. 

Next two cubes you can see are unopened Project Life full kits and mini kits. The cube next to it is all of my Stsmpin' Up cardstock and matching patterned paper. I didn't use a cube here because I wanted to be able to quickly spot each color. 

I tend to use items by collections so the rest of my stash is organized by brand and collection. Here is a peek into my Making Memories cube:

As you can see each paper collection and embellishments that coordinate with them are all together. I do taller items in the back and smaller items in the front so that I can easily find what I am looking for.

Open (in other words, no longer has ordinal packaging) Project Life cards are kept in small shoe box size storage totes as seen here:

I use IRIS containers to store extra sheet protectors on the closet shelf above  my IKEA unit. I also have shelves on the other side of the closet that house my Cameo, Big Shot, and albums. 

Thanks for reading. I will be back in a few days to show you how I organize different projects that I have going on at the same time. 


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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Organization, the Beginning.

I am sitting In my craft room right now, taking a break from the organization. I have to say it is feeling great to have this project almost completed. Someone was asking me what my organization process was so I have pictures and will share how this has worked for me this go around. 

This is what it looked like in the beginning, 15 big boxes of stashed goodies, one large reusable Costco bag overflowing with more goodies, and a garbage can full of whatever was out on the counter the day we packed to move:

Here it is now:

So this is how it worked for me. We put this IKEA unit that was previously used to house our DVDs in the closet on the side with the higher shelving. I then emptied one box at a time and organized items as I went.

organized my stash so that the things I use most often or that I am currently working with are in the top cubes. My ziploc bag of Christmas card pieces are on the top along with my embellishments in shoe box size storage totes. I already owned these, just repurposed them. Items inside are arranged with the tallest items in the front and the smaller in the back like this:

This allows me to easily go through everything. (And yes, this whole box is Heidi Swapp product)

Below that we have the black basket with all my planner goodies:

Once again open top arranged from tallest to smallest for grab and go. Also in one of the front corners I have all my stamps for planner along with a black ink
pad. The other front corner houses my Heidi Swapp planner hole punch.

Next my December Daily goodies in a fabric cube:

These cubes are from IKEA also and they are the perfect size to hold 12x12 paper pads. Once again taller items in the back smaller in the front so they are easy to go through. As I went through boxes I put anything that could be used for December Daily and Christmas project in this cube. I also love that the 6x8 albums store so well. I have three in here right now. I just can't choose only one yet! 
I love that when I am ready to start all of my holiday goodies are in one place and I can easily take the storage cube out and move it to the table.

My main goal is to make my creative space a place that makes me happy, nurtures my creativity, and cultivates my desire to share my memory keeping with others. 

So if you haven't started organizing yet or are in the middle of it and feeling overwhelmed take a minute to sit down and really think about how you want your creative space to work for you. Once you know what you want out of your creative space write it down and then write down a plan to transform your space. Whether your plan is to empty one box a day, spend 30 minutes a day, or spend your weekend in your crafting space you will see your space start to transform into a space that works for you. I promise you, you have got this! Make it happen! You deserve it! You can do this!

I am really feeling good about the progress that I have made. Feeling excited and ready to rock the challenge come January. I Hope that you are all as excited as I am! I will be sharing more of my organization this weekend. 

Have a great night,


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Sunday, December 6, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Momentum

To start off I have to tell you all how great it has been to watch the response to my last post. I was just throwing this little idea out there into the great cyber-unknown and I have been truly blessed by all of your kind comments and support here and on the PL Junkies group on Facebook. 

I have had a few people comment that they are part of Stsmpin' Up groups or swaps that require a purchase each month. Others say they don't think they can go an entire year without buying pretty things. That is okay. Make this challenge work for you and your situation. If you just want to follow along and see how this evolves that's okay too.

As I continue to get my stash organized this challenge keeps gaining momentum. I am excited to share that there will be a Facebook Group for all those who want to join in and or follow along. I want to thank my new friend, Trina for volunteering to help me with the admin functions of new group page. You can connect with the group here:

I can't wait to share and collaborate with you all. 

So get those supplies organized, use your Christmas cash to add a little more
to your stash, and get ready to, "Bash the Stash and save some cash." 

2016 is going to be amazing!


P.S. New hashtag #bashyourstash2016

For those of you that have been following along here is the craft room today. Note empty boxes and full closet. Now to tackle the pile on the table.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge

The current state of my craft room.

I knew I had a problem when I was at Michael's a few months ago and the friendly cashier said to me, "Have a good night. We will see you next Friday."
An alarm went off in my head, I had become a "regular" at the craft store. Not that there is anything wrong with being a "regular" anywhere. I never considered myself one of those "crazy scrapbookers" that I used to see buying up super mega packs of paper or miles and miles of ribbon. I have always just bought what caught my eye; never bought supplies in bulk, never loaded up a truck at warehouse sale. 

But it is time to face the truth:
I am a crazy, hoarding supplies like there is no tomorrow, scrapbooking lady.
Okay, I said it. I feel so much better.

When my crafting hero, Heidi Swapp says, "make pretty stuff," I hear, "buy pretty stuff." Becky Higgins tells me, "cultivate a good life and record it," I hear, "cultivate a good life and buy it." Products from these two are my current addiction. 
While I have current favorites I also have favorites from my nearly 20 years of scrapbooking that I can never get rid of because, 
     A) they don't make it anymore
     B) I still intend to create that album
     C) it is just too pretty to get rid of.
It's Making Memories people, at the time I bought it was some of the best product out there.

So I had an idea. What if I challenge myself to use my stash for a whole year. I mean I love the stuff in my stash. I should get it out, use it, put it on display in an album, share it with others, and enjoy it.
With this in mind the 2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge was born. 

I will pay for prints, ink, adhesives, and sheet protectors. Other than that I will only use products from my stash in 2016.

I invite you all to join me January 1, 2016 for the Bash Your Stash Challenge. I really want this to be fun for everyone and I already have some ideas to share. I would love for us all to be able to share with each other. I have created the hashtag #bashyourstash2016,  feel free to start using it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I can't wait! This is going to be awesome!
 This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more info.