Sunday, December 20, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Organization Part 3

Today I wanted to talk about what I am doing to organize my current and abandoned  projects. I define abandoned projects as something that I physically started but never finished. 

First, I started by collecting all of my current and abandoned  projects and laying them out on my table. At this time, I am working on a title page for my 2016 Project Life album. I am getting my 2016 memory planner prepped and ready to use. I started a 6x8 album to document the construction of our new home that I haven't worked on since we moved a month ago. And I have some Christmas cards from last year that still need to be stamped and put together. 

Next I made sure everything had a container to go in. There are so many storage solutions out there, you can find what works best for you and your many projects. I have seen people using Ziploc bags, organizing cubes, baskets, cookie sheets, IRIS Containers, plastic file folders, and accordion files. The possibilities are endless! 

I use IRIS containers from Michael's to organize my current Project Life layouts and my 6x8 album project. I leave them out on the corner of my table.

I have handwritten labels on the front of each container so that I can easily see which container I am a grabbing. 

The inside of my containers look like this:

Everything I need for my 6x8 album is here in this container. I love that if I need to take this project somewhere to work on it there is plenty of room for me to add a corner rounder, scissors, adhesives, and journaling pens. The wood veneer pieces that you see are in a small divided clear case that I got at the dollar store. The case and my 6x8 album fit perfectly in this storage container. 

My planner will sit to the right side of my craft mat. I will be using it as a journal in 2016. I want it out where I can see it and have a visual reminder to write in it. All my planner goodies are in a basket in the closet that I shared in a previous post. When I am ready to work on my planner I will just bring the basket out of the closet to the table.

Right now my unfinished cards are in 1 gallon Ziploc bags. Everything I need to finish the cards are included in the bag. Card bases, stamps, ink, ribbon, and diecut words are all there. When I am ready I simply pull the bag and I have everything I need. 

Now to work on the organization of my photos. Stay tuned...

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