Monday, January 11, 2016

Challenge #3: Abandoned and Forgotten

Do you remember that project you  abandoned last year? You know the one you printed all the photos and gathered the perfect supplies for?  Halfway through the project you stopped for this reason or that reason and you abandoned it. Now it is somewhere in your creative space abandoned and lost. 

Do you remember the time you bought that perfect collection to document that amazing event? 5 years later you have all but forgotten that you wanted to document that day, but you are reminded about it every now and then when you go through your stash and see the paper and embellishments that you bought just for that project. 

It is time to complete those abandoned and forgotten projects!!!

Our challenge this week is to make a list of your abandoned and forgotten projects that you want to complete
this year. Hang on to this list so that you can refer back to it throughout the year. Choose one of your projects to start on. Use the following prompts to create an action plan to get the project done.

1. What can't I wait to create?
2. All the great stuff I need to create it:
3. No pressure, but I want to complete this by:
4. It is better to give than to receive. This creation is for:
5. My plan of attack:

These prompts come from a little
book, "Hello, Let's Sew Something," from Baby Lock and Totally Stichin'. I got it from a swag bag at conference that I attended. While they made it with sewing projects in mind, I immediately saw it as a great tool for my scrapbook planning. You don't have to have this little book to plan, any notebook that you have on hand will do.

For this challenge share the project that you are going to start on in the album for Challenge #3M. Show us a picture of your abandoned or forgotten project that you are going to get started on.

Check the Facebook group page on Thursday for Gina's Bash Your Stash Challenge! 

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