Sunday, December 6, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Momentum

To start off I have to tell you all how great it has been to watch the response to my last post. I was just throwing this little idea out there into the great cyber-unknown and I have been truly blessed by all of your kind comments and support here and on the PL Junkies group on Facebook. 

I have had a few people comment that they are part of Stsmpin' Up groups or swaps that require a purchase each month. Others say they don't think they can go an entire year without buying pretty things. That is okay. Make this challenge work for you and your situation. If you just want to follow along and see how this evolves that's okay too.

As I continue to get my stash organized this challenge keeps gaining momentum. I am excited to share that there will be a Facebook Group for all those who want to join in and or follow along. I want to thank my new friend, Trina for volunteering to help me with the admin functions of new group page. You can connect with the group here:

I can't wait to share and collaborate with you all. 

So get those supplies organized, use your Christmas cash to add a little more
to your stash, and get ready to, "Bash the Stash and save some cash." 

2016 is going to be amazing!


P.S. New hashtag #bashyourstash2016

For those of you that have been following along here is the craft room today. Note empty boxes and full closet. Now to tackle the pile on the table.


  1. I love that you started a Facebook group for this! What have you been focusing on for organization?

  2. Well everything was boxed up and in storage for seven months while we built our house so 1st thing was to get it all out boxes. I will write a post about how I am organizing all of my products in the next few days. I have had others ask me the same question, stay tuned.

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  5. I am very excited to start this challenge. I have too much stuff!

  6. Now I see where it all began. Looking forward to working with you on the FB Group. Great idea and challenge. Lots of buzz going on in the Group. ~ Gina