Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Organization, the Beginning.

I am sitting In my craft room right now, taking a break from the organization. I have to say it is feeling great to have this project almost completed. Someone was asking me what my organization process was so I have pictures and will share how this has worked for me this go around. 

This is what it looked like in the beginning, 15 big boxes of stashed goodies, one large reusable Costco bag overflowing with more goodies, and a garbage can full of whatever was out on the counter the day we packed to move:

Here it is now:

So this is how it worked for me. We put this IKEA unit that was previously used to house our DVDs in the closet on the side with the higher shelving. I then emptied one box at a time and organized items as I went.

organized my stash so that the things I use most often or that I am currently working with are in the top cubes. My ziploc bag of Christmas card pieces are on the top along with my embellishments in shoe box size storage totes. I already owned these, just repurposed them. Items inside are arranged with the tallest items in the front and the smaller in the back like this:

This allows me to easily go through everything. (And yes, this whole box is Heidi Swapp product)

Below that we have the black basket with all my planner goodies:

Once again open top arranged from tallest to smallest for grab and go. Also in one of the front corners I have all my stamps for planner along with a black ink
pad. The other front corner houses my Heidi Swapp planner hole punch.

Next my December Daily goodies in a fabric cube:

These cubes are from IKEA also and they are the perfect size to hold 12x12 paper pads. Once again taller items in the back smaller in the front so they are easy to go through. As I went through boxes I put anything that could be used for December Daily and Christmas project in this cube. I also love that the 6x8 albums store so well. I have three in here right now. I just can't choose only one yet! 
I love that when I am ready to start all of my holiday goodies are in one place and I can easily take the storage cube out and move it to the table.

My main goal is to make my creative space a place that makes me happy, nurtures my creativity, and cultivates my desire to share my memory keeping with others. 

So if you haven't started organizing yet or are in the middle of it and feeling overwhelmed take a minute to sit down and really think about how you want your creative space to work for you. Once you know what you want out of your creative space write it down and then write down a plan to transform your space. Whether your plan is to empty one box a day, spend 30 minutes a day, or spend your weekend in your crafting space you will see your space start to transform into a space that works for you. I promise you, you have got this! Make it happen! You deserve it! You can do this!

I am really feeling good about the progress that I have made. Feeling excited and ready to rock the challenge come January. I Hope that you are all as excited as I am! I will be sharing more of my organization this weekend. 

Have a great night,


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