Sunday, January 24, 2016

Challenge #7: One Hour to Spare

As I sit here One hcompleting Gina's challenge to use a kit I am thinking a lot about our group and all that we have accomplished in January. We have accomplished great things!

 I am thinking about all of your comments, your posts, and trends that I see. One trend that I see is people not scrapping at all. We are still organizing, waiting for pictures, or waiting for time. Will we ever be as organized as we want to be?  Probably not.
Will we always be waiting? We shouldn't.  We will never have the time unless we make the time.  

 This week's challenge is for those of you that haven't started scrapping yet. I want you to spend one hour this week creating something. I want you to find your joy in creating. Create something, anything, and share it here in the album for this challenge. 

Thanks again for following along. I can't wait to see what you all create. 


Monday, January 18, 2016

Challenge #5: Let the Good Scrapping Juju Flow

I was on another scrapbooking Facebook group the other day and I saw someone post something like, "So much for staying current this year. Our dog just died and now I won't be able to bare looking at the pictures, too sad to scrap." This got me thinking about my own scrapbooking journey and the things I haven't documented.

I realized that there have been certain times when I didn't scrap because there are photographs that I have been avoiding. Photographs that me sad, photographs that were taken on hard days, and photographs that make me miss my mom so bad that it hurts. These photographs are seriously blocking the flow of my scrapping juju. The only way to unblock the flow is to scrap them. 

So our challenge this week is to get out a photo or photos that you know you should scrap, but you can't or don't do it because they include people, places, pets, and memories that for one reason or another you have been avoiding. 
Let's unblock the good scrapping juju flow by making a layout using at least one of these photographs that we have been avoiding. Remember it is going to be okay we are all in this together!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Challenge #3: Abandoned and Forgotten

Do you remember that project you  abandoned last year? You know the one you printed all the photos and gathered the perfect supplies for?  Halfway through the project you stopped for this reason or that reason and you abandoned it. Now it is somewhere in your creative space abandoned and lost. 

Do you remember the time you bought that perfect collection to document that amazing event? 5 years later you have all but forgotten that you wanted to document that day, but you are reminded about it every now and then when you go through your stash and see the paper and embellishments that you bought just for that project. 

It is time to complete those abandoned and forgotten projects!!!

Our challenge this week is to make a list of your abandoned and forgotten projects that you want to complete
this year. Hang on to this list so that you can refer back to it throughout the year. Choose one of your projects to start on. Use the following prompts to create an action plan to get the project done.

1. What can't I wait to create?
2. All the great stuff I need to create it:
3. No pressure, but I want to complete this by:
4. It is better to give than to receive. This creation is for:
5. My plan of attack:

These prompts come from a little
book, "Hello, Let's Sew Something," from Baby Lock and Totally Stichin'. I got it from a swag bag at conference that I attended. While they made it with sewing projects in mind, I immediately saw it as a great tool for my scrapbook planning. You don't have to have this little book to plan, any notebook that you have on hand will do.

For this challenge share the project that you are going to start on in the album for Challenge #3M. Show us a picture of your abandoned or forgotten project that you are going to get started on.

Check the Facebook group page on Thursday for Gina's Bash Your Stash Challenge! 

Thanks again,


Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Challenge #1

Sit down and meditate on  how you want your creative space, tools, and supplies to work for you. Once you know what you want, set a goal and then write down  what you will do to achieve it. Also write down any potential road blocks that you anticipate and brainstorm solutions so that when these road blocks stand in your way you are ready to knock them out and scrap on!

Now I want you to take that picture of your stash on Day 1(If you are just joining us take a picture of your stash and post in on the group Facebook page in the Bash Your Stash Before & After Album) Create a layout with it that includes where you are starting from, your picture; and where you are going to end up, your goal. 

This can be a 4x6 card for your project life album, an insert for your planner, you could put it on a clipboard to hang on your wall, or a traditional layout. Whatever you choose I want you to put it somewhere visible where you will see it often. Let it stand as a reminder, a reminder to you to BASH YOUR STASh!!!

This is just the beginning and we are going to have a great year! I can't wait to see where we all end up at the end of this challenge!!!

Check the Facebook group page on Thursday for Gina's Bash Your Stash Challenge! 

Thanks again,


Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Bash Your Stash Challenge: Here We Go!

It's time to "Bash the Stash & Save Some Cash!" in 2016!!!
Challenges begin on January 4th!!!
We will post new challenges on Mondays and Thursdays on the Facebook group page. If you are not a member yet you can find the group here: 
I will also post my challenges for the group here an the blog. We would love for you to complete each and every challenge but don't get discouraged if you miss a few. Remember that part of this process is tailoring the challenge to fit your needs. So complete them all, do one a month, or be a lookielou and simply get inspired by all of our work. Whatever your participation level...READY, SET, BASH!!!

Thanks for joining us!

Marcie and Gina