Monday, January 18, 2016

Challenge #5: Let the Good Scrapping Juju Flow

I was on another scrapbooking Facebook group the other day and I saw someone post something like, "So much for staying current this year. Our dog just died and now I won't be able to bare looking at the pictures, too sad to scrap." This got me thinking about my own scrapbooking journey and the things I haven't documented.

I realized that there have been certain times when I didn't scrap because there are photographs that I have been avoiding. Photographs that me sad, photographs that were taken on hard days, and photographs that make me miss my mom so bad that it hurts. These photographs are seriously blocking the flow of my scrapping juju. The only way to unblock the flow is to scrap them. 

So our challenge this week is to get out a photo or photos that you know you should scrap, but you can't or don't do it because they include people, places, pets, and memories that for one reason or another you have been avoiding. 
Let's unblock the good scrapping juju flow by making a layout using at least one of these photographs that we have been avoiding. Remember it is going to be okay we are all in this together!!!

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